Diet plan One Month to Boost Immunity

04. Diet Plan to Boost Immunity. Starts from Rs 3000.00




Immunity is the defense system of our body. It helps our body to fight with infections or harmful foreign Particles that enters our body. If our immunity is strong, we will get very less health Problems or even never. There is no medicine till date that boosts our immunity, Only Diet is there with which you can boost your immune system. Diet Plan is based on mainly Patient’s medical history and body type.


Its weekly Diet Plan. The diet plan will change after every week, in this way, Every Patient will get Four diet plans in a Month. A proper Feedback is taken from the Patient, after following the each diet plan. If patient feels any Problem in between, his/ her queries will be handle by the dietitian. The patient will contact the dietitian or Senior Dietitian through WhatsApp, SMS, or by phone call. For better results, the Patient has to follow the diet plan for atleast three months. If Patient is Overweight, Monthly target for weight reduction would be 4 kg, also inch loss of 2-3 inches, in a month

Available Variant

1 months - 3600

3 months - 7200

6 Months - 12500

12 Months - 22000




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