It calms the mind and brings stability. Italso relieves tension, anger and anxiety. It is the Excellent breathing exercises for meditation. Effective againsthypertension. It curesproblems related to sleep (Insomnia) and bad dreams. Control the high blood


It nurtures peace in your being, which in turn, results in self-healing. The Bhramari Pranayama lowers one's blood pressure, thus relieving hypertension. It releases cerebral tension, hence it is recommended as a nightly routine yoga for better sleep. It


Improves concentration, spiritual power and memory strength. Strengthens the lungs and keeps it from diseases. Boosts jatharagni (digestive fire) and improves digestion. Calms the mind and relieves mental and physical stress


improve your concentration. release tension throughout the body. regulate heating and cooling of the body, warming the core from the inside.


When the digestive fire or the energy of the abdominal organs whittle out the digestive process goes sluggish, agnisar kriya helps fan the digestive fire back to its full potential. Agnisara kriya is also known as Agnisara dhauti or purification by fire.


Influences the secretion of the hormones released by the pineal gland. Stimulates the functioning of the whole endocrine system. Revitalize each and every cell in the body. Prevents aging and degenerative process. Prepares the mind for deeper meditative p

Kapal Bhati pranayama

One of the important benefits of Kapalbhati pranayama is that it relaxes the eyes, and as a result of that, can help do away with dark circles as well as premature signs of aging. It improves blood circulation and digestion. Kapalbhati Prayanama benefits

Bhastrika pranayama

Favourable effect on the respiratory and digestive system. Drains excess phlegm from the lungs. Oxygenates the blood increasing the vitality of all the organs and tissues. Strengthens and tones the abdominal region. Calms the mind. Energizes the entire bo


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